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What is our story?

  • At a time when people were dreaming of what the Earth will look like in 2000, a boy was born. At first he was discovering the world of his room where he was growing up, the flat, the garden. He also discovered a book which fired up his desire to travel around the world. Can you only imagine what the World Atlas can do in the hands of a child?

  • He was growing up and as the time went on he got into the world of transport. Even closer to fulfilling his childhood dream. Lots of people were ignoring his dreams but he didn’t give up. Transport has absorbed him so much that he established his own forwarding company and he started to learn everything on his own. This is the point, where the life story of Jan Pavlicek, the company owner, blends in with the new life of the company JP Spedition.

  • I base business on honesty and I trust people. I burned my fingers several times, but it always pushed me forward. The business was prospering and everything looked very good until 2009, which brought two events. The first one was the financial crisis, which sent my company to the very bottom of the ocean. I had many commitments, but since I never give up and I didn’t want to owe anything to anybody, I was looking for a solution. During this time companies needed to save their money and didn’t want to sell their transportation through forwarders, there were looking for direct freight companies. Therefore I decided to buy the first truck – the second major event.

  • It was a difficult time and the banks were putting up interest rates and tripping up everyone who had nothing to offer. Yet again, I started finding out and learning new things because forwarding and freight are two very different fields. I began to supply what the market was lacking. It was honesty and exact information. At the time I bought a novelty, GPS tracking systems and the customers could see where their goods were at all times.

  • I trusted technologies and started to build a team of people with the same vision as mine. They are people who love their work and sacrifice everything to it. Just like me they believe in honesty and humanity. Thanks to this team and common spirit our company started to bring to the market what we dreamed of. We became a strong and stable company which the customers fully trust and every word we utter is also fulfilled.

  • We continue to develop new technologies which bring great comfort to our clients and we are very particular about the quality of our services. We are constantly educating ourselves and moving our own boundaries to the satisfaction of all our partners.  Our goal is a satisfied and happy customer. Today, one year later, in twenty years.

We are security, safe choice and guarantee – we all together are JP Spedition. The company in which everyone’s dreams will come true. Employee’s as well as customers.

18 years of our existence

  • 1998-2004

    Small business entrepreneur

  • 2004

    Establishment of JP Spedition s.r.o. (Ltd.)

  • 2009

    Purchase of first trucks

  • 2010

    Purchase of five new trucks

  • 2011

    Purchase of seven new trucks

  • 2012

    Purchase of 14 new trucks

  • 2013

    Purchase of 11 new trucks

  • 2014

    Co-operation with company Renault CZ

  • 2015

    Reaching a strong position in the market

  • 2016

    We have moved to new premises

    • Up to now purchase of 12 new trucks
    • Launching our own new logistic, warehousing and service IT program
    • Start of co-operation with the company Ecodrive and setting up new safety conditions for our employees and partners
    • Opening our own service station on the company premises
    • First issue of our company magazine published
    • Obtaining the certificate for filling air-conditionings, service of independent heating systems, BPW axle diagnostics  and purchase of professional diagnostic WabcoWürth
    • Moving to new large premises
    • Second issue of our company magazine published
    • Signing a fleet contract with insurance company of liability insurance for one billion CZK and this way ensuring absolute security for our employees and customers
    • Launching a new internal online shipment tracking system and immediate dispatch of any document from loading or unloading
  • 2017


    • We have become partners of the company BREMA TK and on 2nd May 2017 we opened a service centre Thermo King – we provide maintenance and service of transport cooling units and air-conditioning for passenger cars and goods vehicles. 
    • We took the 2nd place at the Awards of the French-Czech Chamber of Commerce – for an outstanding contribution to the French-Czech commercial relations. 
    • Since September 2017 we have co-operated with secondary vocational schools, organise excursions for schools and offer the opportunity of practical training for students of 2nd and 3rd years.
    • We have become a contractual partner of the insurance company Kooperativa  for windscreens exchange in vehicles over 3,5 t. We provide windscreens exchange service for trucks, vans and buses. 
    • All our drivers have started using tablets and the application Hello D – electronic transfer of documents and important data. We have sped up the flow of information about orders, shipments, tanking both between the drivers and dispatchers and between the drivers and customers. 
    • Co-operation with the company Ecodrive – we use their instructors to train drivers for economical and safe driving.
    • We use more technologies and systems which enable us to register and record the journeys of our drivers, their style and thus their professionalism grows constantly. 
    • We have an accredited training room where the drivers trainings are performed (specialised trainings and Reg. 561 training).
    • It has already become a regularity that our internal magazine Narovinu is published quarterly – since 2016 six issues have been published so far.
    • In 2017 we focused attention on our employees by organising the training called „Professional Seniority“  – a guide to the career and by organising several team-building events. This year another one is still ahead of us – namely mountain hiking…  


Phone: +420 737 246 660

E-mail: jan.pavlicek@jpspedition.cz


JP Spedition & Transport

Vodárenská 732

278 01, Kralupy nad Vltavou

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