In JP Spedition we do things differently

You, our customer, are most important for us. Your satisfaction matters to us. In order for you to be satisfied, it is important that our employee who is looking after you is also happy. In transport it is the driver, dispatcher, technician and mechanic. All these people are looking after you and influence your satisfaction. All these people are very important to our company and we want them to be best in their field. Therefore they are all regularly educated and trained. They understand meaning of teamwork and everyone is always willing to help a colleague in both human as well as professional ways. Each colleague is being selected based on two to six hour interview and thanks to this we know exactly if this employee is worthy to work with us for you. 

Continuous support

In our company we make high effort to ensure continued support to our customers. Any problem, question or request is solved immediately at any time of day or night.

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100% goods insurance

Part of our top quality service also includes complete and high-quality insurance with a reputable foreign insurance company which covers all damages to transported goods up to 100%.

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Information of the progress of the shipments

Our company JP Spedition & Transport has sophisticated innovation in tracking your shipments. The whole system was developed based on years of experience to simplify work processes and to gain time savings when solving your other job responsibilities.

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The professional team of drivers and dispatchers

We place high demands on ourselves. Employees are regularly confined into the management of the company and enlightened about the consequences of their work.

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We are proud of our clients

Apart from our customers we also value our major clients. We are proud to be working with these very market leaders.

Fuji Koyo
CS Beton

We will be happy to provide advice

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